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About Me : : Life Is Good

Hello there! Welcome to, nice to meet you, & my name is Roya Jenner. Thanks for taking the time to visit and look over my portfolio. I hope you can tell that I truly love doing what I do—reinventing brands…making others take notice and feel drawn to them. I tell my daughter, "you know what your career path is in life when it feels like a ton of fun—and you're getting paid for it!" Design consulting has suited me well… and I am so thankful I found my place in this world.

My husband John, Haley and I have been living in Bayport, NY for about 5 years now. We totally love it here. The sound of the ferry chugging over to Fire Island is one of the best sounds ever that I wake up to. During the days I often take a break by walking my dogs to this little nearby beach where they sniff at the random stuff that comes in with the tide. Haley is only a short bike ride from many friend's houses, and overall the neighborhood streets are so homey and remind me of my New England upbringings. You can say that our family is pretty tech-oriented, especially since I'm in design and John is a Microsoft Consultant for Forbes 500 companies. Haley's had her own laptop since she was 2 years old. I hope someday every child in school no matter the age has their own laptop or iPad. 

I also believe in giving back in some way to your community. Some choose breast cancer, some choose veterans initiatives…well mine is animal rescue. I think because I wasn't allowed to have a dog as a child that I REALLY wanted one - and did get one the minute it was feasible. Plus I just love the amazing connection we have with animals. I've been involved in animal rescue for a few years now. I am lucky to have seen my design work help get rescue dogs adopted as well as educate the public about tougher breeds and the misconceptions. One day a few years back I just got tired of watching animal rescue on Animal Planet and said "that's it" and became a part of it. I had to see my talent benefit animals… rescue groups often have small budgets if any at all. I saw a need and I filled it! So you can pretty much bet that once my home becomes an empty nest I am going to be a really great foster mom! Until then my two rescues are getting the love and life they deserve, just like all animals should.


About Me : : The Art Director

As an Art Director I have both marketing sense and the ability to communicate a message.  Well, a good Art Director is also expected to have good graphic design judgment AND an up to date technical knowledge of production. These only come with time and self maintenance. I've spent time in the corporate world under very detailed Creative Directors that I'm sure if asked would say that I was a solid artist, reliable and pretty well-rounded. The corporate world is truly where I honed my skills as an Art Director. Now I stand on my own, designing from my home office. I love this side of the fence, consulting and making friends along the way. I can be myself offering honest creative insight, clients in turn feel at ease and we enjoy the journey together.

So what's the typical process working with me? Well in the beginning, I may hand-render some sketches as we discuss your needs, perhaps during our first meet and greet. Following that meeting the preliminary work will be done on computer, typically emailed to you as a pdf for first round review and we go from there. Priority is something we will also confirm so that your needs are met on a timely and as need basis.

Before I begin ANY rebranding project I will ask you about your logo, what you see it accomplishing etc. I cannot stress how important it is for me to always start with a study of the logo. This is the cornerstone of any project I do. Attention to the logo font, color and aesthetics always comes first in my book. Once this is solved we move on to print and web needs. You cannot work backwards and say 'let's work on the logo later.' A logo dictates everything that follows it. So many times I am surprised at poorly built logo files, incorrect color specs and no attention paid to number of fonts. My 'formula' to building logos ensures a solid classic mark that will stand the test of time—and allow you to put it on any ad, poster, billboard, coffee mug or internet website. Already have a strong logo? Then I will work with that logo and make sure to carry on the brand. Send me the .eps vector file and I'll inspect it over making note of font & color. If it needs fine tuning I will be sure to tell you why.

The benefit of calling on a small organization such as mine is the speed in which things get done, the attention to detail and pure & simple good customer service. Over the years I have built a trusted network of copywriters, photographers, animators, programmers and print houses.  As the art director I keep everyone on task, design and oversee printing and production. If you have a relationship with your own copywriter, in-house tech team, or even local printer—I am happy to provide files and communicate with them directly, making sure your job runs smoothly.

The win-win for me is a happy client (and often new friend!) that is seeing positive response as a result of the efforts of my design. Over the past ten years I have built trusted relationships with my clients. This is why most of my work comes through as referrals. What better advertisement is there than that? Interested? Well then, I’d love to have the opportunity to chat. Drop me a line or email and let's get to it!

Note: StudioRoya is a subsidiary of Gigabytz, LLC and all payment is to be made to Gigabytz/StudioRoya. Cash, check or credit card through PayPal are all acceptable payment options. Half up front is requested to start work. Final due upon completion.